Innovating Solutions for Horse Retirement and Unwanted Horses

"I just could not imagine sending my sweet Adonis off to his retirement ranch without providing 'his' acre for the benefit of the Foundation. I have found the best way to help improve the world is to set aside money before it is needed so that you are ready to help when something worthwhile comes along." 
Adrienne from South Florida
When you have loved a horse and they have been true to you, there is no question about providing for their future.
Maud,  Mom to Theo, from Manhattan
A nurse by training, Sandi has that caring instinct. When troy needed to be retired, the same care went into her decision. Troy has passed on and Sandi wants other horses to have the opportunity for a great life when competing is done.
Sandi from Massachusetts
Horses are Sharon's life. They eat before she does. When everyone has left the arena, she is there watching every horse in a competition. With a life with horses, periodically a horse needs to be retired. Sharon has Gary and Allegro at Camp Rusk and wants to make sure that this "life of being a horse" continues permanently.

Sharon from Massachusetts

Billy and his wife, Nancy together loved their horse, Jersey. When Nancy first met Jersey, he lay his head on her and she said, "This one is for me, I will care for him." After that, they were inseparable. After Nancy passed away, Billy set up a fund to care for Jersey so that Jersey can run the pastures with his friends at Camp Rusk.

Billy from New York