Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 that is doing something unprecedented in the horse world. The Foundation was formed in 2008 by a group of horsemen and women from across the USA. They wanted to SOLVE the problems of lack of affordable retirement, horse abandonment and so many horses bred as "prospects" and then discarded. They learned that the three solutions to those problems lay first in having enough land for horses. It is estimated that more than 100,000 horses are being abandoned and sent to slaughter yearly, Additionally, we are losing land for horses at the rate of 4000 acres/day.

By solving these problems, it preserves agricultural lands, and provides an education to land owners by demonstrating affordable horse-keeping in a natural setting. We recently have put together a 3000 acre site with the help of the Harrison Family who are underwriting the land. Although we have had a private demonstration ranch for a number of years, this will be our first Foundation ranch.

We have a BIG task ahead as we need to raise 9 million for the initial ranch and an endowment.  We are asking every person who loves horses to sponsor an acre once in your lifetime. Our long term goal is to have demonstration ranches on both coasts and in the different interior climates. These ranches will preserve agricultural land, provide places for horses to run and be with friends, and provide an opportunity for observational research. We will be contributing to areas of study about horse behavior, horse health and aging.

We need your help to make this three thousand acres truly a part of your life.  Honor your horse with a web page by telling your horse' story.

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Innovating Solutions for Horse Retirement and Unwanted Horses‚Äč