have  you ever wanted to make a difference in the horse world?

we are comm​itted to a permanent solution for healthy land preservation

Innovating Solutions for Horse Retirement and Unwanted Horses

The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. and a private ranching family have arranged the acquisition of over 3000 acres of beautiful ranch land. Together, we will create a self-sustaining Horse Retirement. You can become part of this historical moment by putting your horse's or a loved one's name on an acre today. Every horse owner needs to be part of the planning for all horse's future. Become a part of the solution! 

Honor your horse

You will honor your horse with a website telling about your life together. In doing so, you will inspire others.

Your Acre will provide a home for horses that demonstrates a high quality of life for horses.

Everyone benefits by open space preservation, cleaner air and water, wild life habitat, and the preservation of family owned lands.

Inspiring others will result in fewer horse abandonments and by working with companion programs, fewer excess horses.

our mission

The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc's mission is the discovery, acquisition (research) and sharing (education) of knowledge for the welfare (prevention of cruelty) of horses.

Provide an acre

P​rovide an Acre that Makes a Difference (sm)

It is a big step for you and for the horses.  It will require a commitment. While some donors provide bulidings for hospitals and put their name on them, we are asking you to join us and put your horse' name or the name of a loved one on an Acre of land..